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Zain in Iraq first provided its services in 2004 as MTC Atheer and after the acquisition of Orascom-Iraqna both companies were rebranded to become Zain-Iraq in January 2008.

IBBC Members Profile - Zain

Zain-Iraq provides a wide range of mobile telephony and various services like MMS, GPRS, other data services and recently Blackberry.

Having the largest network in the country, Zain-Iraq currently prides itself as having 12 million customers who enjoy the securest and most affordable cellular services.

Our services
Zain-Iraq provides a wide range of mobile telephony and various services like MMS, GPRS, other data services and recently Blackberry.

The company has excelled itself in bringing about a huge number of services in order to cope with the increasing demand all over the country and to meet the requirements of its expansion to Kurdistan.

Our ambitious plan is to deliver a telephony service to the remotest village in the region in 2012.

Of course this wide coverage will certainly increase Zain market share and expand its customer base but the company is also contributing to the economic prosperity of Iraq by creating thousands of work opportunities for all Iraqi citizens.

Zain hopes to move into the Iraqi stock market. It also hopes to encourage other investment ventures to follow suit.

Social sustainability
Zain has many projects which fall under the social sustainability category to enhance the education sector in Iraq. The company was the first to build internet cafes in many universities. Special attention is also paid by Zain to the health sector and it collaborated with health authorities to disseminate health awareness. It even organised massive campaigns for blood donation which became a bi-yearly activity.

Zain developed a joint effort with the AMAR International Charitable Foundation headed by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne.

Both worked together to leverage joint resources to support a huge base of impacted segments of Iraqi society. This collaboration recently extended to Baghdad after starting in the southern Iraq marshes.

For more information www.zain.com

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