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GardaWorld is a global risk management and security services and is the international division of Garda World Security Corporation, the largest privately owned security company in the world.

We have been working in Iraq since 2003, our operations are divided into three regions: the Kurdish region in the North, Baghdad in Central Iraq, and Basrah in the south of Iraq.

GardaWorld President and COO Oliver Westmacott

GardaWorld President and COO Oliver Westmacott

We primarily serve clients in the oil and gas, diplomatic, and infrastructure sectors and our capabilities include: mobile and static security, security management, comprehensive diplomatic security, low-profile executive protection, and large static infrastructure security services, sophisticated information reporting, medical and CSR. We also provide concession-based security for five major exploration and production projects spanning 3,400 square kilometers.

Regarded as the pioneer in integrating locally trained personnel, we employ staff from all main religious groups and tribes to work with our multilingual expat team leaders and management. We undertake training programs for all in-country teams to raise local national skill levels and preparedness of our staff and facilitate greater staff retention. In early 2013 we opened a new training facility in Erbil to provide UK City and Guilds and Excel accredited training to our local national workforce.

Kurdistan - GardaWorld (1)

We employ more than 2,000 staff across the country including: risk reporters, logistics support teams, medical support capability, signals and communications techs, unexploded ordnance (UXO)/explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams, motor transport officers, IT technicians, and watch keepers. We are committed for the long term to Iraq.

We believe in helping, however we can, the local communities in which we work from local employment to community relations. In Iraq we have several corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects running continuously throughout the country.

We use our fully equipped medical clinics and four-wheel drive ambulances, manned by qualified medics to conduct weekly community support and outreach clinics in the rural Kurdish region.

In Baghdad, we are supporting Women Health Volunteers who visit local homes and educate families on vaccinations, basic health and hygiene and women’s rights.

Recently in Basrah we funded the opening and operating costs for a rural medical facility that provides medical care and vaccinations for pregnant women and young children. .

We are fully licensed and compliant with all regulations and requirements in all of our countries of operation.

As a founding signatory of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security providers we are trusted by our clients as a transparent and responsible partner.

For more information www.garda.com/gw

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