• LATEST NEWS: Iraq aims to produce 5.5-6.0 million bpd by 2020
    • LATEST NEWS: World Bank predicts strong growth of Iraqi GDP in 2016
    • LATEST NEWS: Iraq Inflation rate was at 2.2 % in 2014
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Control Risks

Control Risks is a global consultancy. We help our clients understand and manage the risks of operating in unfamiliar or complex environments.

Through our offices in Baghdad, Basrah and Erbil we employ over a 1000 people, most of whom are Iraqi.

Toby Chinn, Control Risks

Toby Chinn, Control Risks

Since 1975, our combination of services, our geographical reach and our strong client relationships, have helped clients to realise new opportunities throughout the world.

Helping clients
For many of our clients, Control Risks is an essential partner for entering and working in new markets and countries. The countries where we support clients are distinguished by high levels of foreign investment and economic growth. We work with a range of industries, from oil and gas to financial and professional services, government organisations, mining, telecommunications, power, construction and logistics.

Complexity can be an impediment to investment. Control Risks helps clients understand this complexity so their business can take root and grow. We help clients to look after their reputation, their assets, intellectual property and their people. We offer a diverse range of consultancy services, which we tailor to suit the differing needs of our clients.

Our Iraq operation
We have extensive operational reach and expertise in Iraq. Through our offices in Baghdad, Basrah and Erbil we employ over a 1000 people, most of whom are Iraqi. We have brought large numbers of Iraqis back to the UK for training and induction. We are a respected and attractive employer, offering genuine career opportunities, training and progression into management roles.

We have been supporting client operations in Iraq since 2003. Our commercial clients have carried out projects in almost every industrial sector, including oil, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, construction and power.

Control Risks has supported the most prestigious international oil and oil service companies in Iraq. Our work forms a key component of our clients’ operations. In turn, our clients’ work forms a key component of the development of Iraq’s oil industry.

We are committed to knowledge transfer and to building the capacity of local suppliers to provide services which our clients need.

For more information www.controlrisks.com

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