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Aegis is one of the leading security and risk management companies in Iraq. We enable our clients – multi-nationals, governments and international agencies – to mitigate or resolve risk and maximise opportunities.

Aegis is a leading security and risk management company with offices throughout the world.

Major-General Binns, AEGIS

Major-General Binns, AEGISUnparalleled Experience

Unparalleled Experience

Aegis’s largest area of business is Iraq, where we have operated continuously for over a decade. From 2003 until 2011 Aegis provided reconstruction services to the US Army Corps of Engineers across the country. At $1.3 billion, this was the single largest US Department of Defence security contract ever awarded to a security company. Our delivery of this contract was so successful that it was subsequently re-awarded three times to Aegis.

Since then, Aegis has supported the oil and gas sector in Southern Iraq as well as providing full life support options for defence clients from our business hub in Baghdad.

Broad Range of Services

Aegis offers a range of ‘traditional’ security services, such as static guarding and mobile security. However, we are also experts in providing specialist consultancy for the private and public sector. Most recently, Aegis was contracted by the Governorate of Basra to provide a consultancy team to support the procurement of enhanced security capability for the province.

Perceptive Risk Analysis

Aegis’s analysis arm, Aegis Advisory, offers privileged insights into the complex operating environment of Iraq. Our information supports businesses in assessing and adjusting their exposure to strategic and operational risks. Our dedicated Iraq team provides:
• Market research
• Political and reputational risk assessment
• Personality profiling
• Influence mapping
• Identification of legal and regulatory obstacles

Aegis Advisory also offers a weekly update which draws on the ability of our staff to reach into the very heart of the Iraqi political and commercial establishment – essential for any organisation that wants to stay fully informed on Iraq.

Helping Rebuild Iraq

The Aegis Foundation is our way of putting focussed financial and practical support back into the local economy. Since 2003, the Aegis Foundation has identified, planned and executed more than 300 projects. These involved supporting health services, improving educational facilities and developing local infrastructure through fresh water and sanitation.

For more information www.aegisworld.com

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