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Aegis is one of the leading security and risk management companies in Iraq. We enable our clients – multi-nationals, governments and international agencies – to mitigate or resolve risk and maximise opportunities.

Aegis is a leading security and risk management company with offices throughout the world.

Major-General Binns, AEGIS

Major-General Binns, AEGIS

Aegis’s largest area of business is Iraq, with continuous projects since 2003. Our initial contracts were in support of reconstruction. We have since diversified. The company has a presence in 11 different locations, having recently been awarded a major contract bringing our number of personnel in Iraq to nearly 3000.

In Southern Iraq, Aegis has been operating in support of the oil and gas sector for over two years. Aegis provides a full security service including Command, Control and Information, Mobile, and Static Security Services on major oilfields for international oil companies as well as oil service providers.

Iraq-wide, from 2003 until July 2011 Aegis provided Reconstruction Security Support Services (RSSS) to the US Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division (USACE GRD), the largest US DoD security contract awarded to a security company. This contract was re-awarded three times to Aegis, and the latest variant (SSSI), for the provision of support to the Overseas Security Cooperation Iraq (OSCI) was also awarded to Aegis in September 2011.

Aegis Advisory is a specialist consultancy that supports businesses in assessing and adjusting their exposure to strategic and operational risks by providing privileged insights and timely intelligence. Our dedicated Iraq team provides market research, political and reputational risk assessment, personality profiling, influence mapping, and identification of legal and regulatory obstacles across Iraq. Aegis Advisory also offers a weekly update which draws on the ability of our staff to reach into the very heart of the Iraqi political and commercial establishment – essential for any organisation that wants to stay fully informed on Iraq.

Aegis has established a charity in support of the people of Iraq. The Aegis Foundation is our way of putting focussed financial and practical support into the local economy. Active throughout Iraq since 2003, the Aegis Foundation has identified, planned and executed more than 300 projects covering issues central to the local community. These have included supporting health services, improving educational facilities and equipment for young people, and developing local infrastructure through improved water and sanitation.

The majority of our employees on commercial contracts are Iraqi; as they gain experience they will replace many of our expatriate managers.

For more information www.aegisworld.com

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