• LATEST NEWS: Iraqi Musician Naseer Shamma named UNESCO artist for peace.
    • LATEST NEWS: Germany offers 500 million Euro credit to Iraq to aid reconstruction
    • LATEST NEWS: Baghdad museum to showcase artefacts at the Venice Biennale, Italy
    • LATEST NEWS: The seventh exhibition and conference of Karbala for the Economy, Construction and Investment between 30/04/17 - 02/05/17
    • LATEST NEWS: Iraq Gets $5.34 Billion IMF Loan to Support Economic Stability
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  1. Baroness Nicholson gives a joint press statement on video with H.E. Dr Mahdi Al Alaq, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers as they visited the IBBC delegation in Baghdad.

  2. Baroness Nicholson, President of IBBC and Her Majesty’s Trade Envoy to Iraq, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan discusses Iraq as a major market, IBBC’s role in creating a worldwide network for those doing clean business in Iraq, further increasing investment and the positive consequences of businesses transferring skills and technology into Iraq.

  3. Dr Barham Salih, former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, former Prime Minister of KRG and founder of the American University of Sulaimani, discusses the plight of Iraqis, rebuilding the nation through education, economic regeneration, reforming legal institutions and setting up an independent investment & development commission.

  4. Hussam Chakouf, Lead Architect at Zaha Hadid, dicusses Zaha Hadid’s current projects in Iraq, the growing opportunities for Mosul post-liberation and the benefits of IBBC’s Cumberland Lodge Retreat for engaging with Iraqi delegates and increasing business for UK companies.

  5. Bill Wakileh, President & CEO, Iraq & Levant, GE, discusses GE’s operations in Iraq, increasing ventures and longstanding commitment of GE in Iraq, localising GE’s workforce, contributing towards gender equality and highlights the progressive work being done by the IBBC and the UK in the rebuilding process.

  6. Brigadier James Ellery, Director at GardaWorld, discusses the benefits of IBBC’s Cumberland Lodge Conference in bringing together delegates from across the political, industry and finance sectors.

  7. Colin Findlay, Divisional Managing Director, Severn Glocon Group, discusses the work of Severn Glocon in Iraq, increasing the capacity of a local workforce, the broad potential of Iraq post-stabilisation and the benefits of being a member of the IBBC.

  8. Renad Mansour, Academy Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House, discusses the positive implications of the growing development of issue based politics over sectarianism, how Chatham House map emerging actors and the importance of IBBC as a convening power for delegates across the political and economic spectrum.

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