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Mosul Speech of Victory by H.E. Dr Haidar Al-Abadi, Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq

From here, from the heart of free liberated Mosul I announce the victory to all Iraq and Iraqis. To the brave fighters, with our unity we fought Daesh and with your efforts, sacrifices and blood all the schemes to divide Iraqis have failed. Iraq today is more united than it was before, and the victory achieved today is one over brutality and terrorism and I announce from here the city of Mosul to the whole world the end and failure of the “State of Myth” that Daesh declared from here 3 years ago, and we were able to achieve victory over this “state” and send it to the history bin.

The heroes, martyrs and wounded will always be in our hearts and minds and we will never forget this favour, and we salute their families.

We will not forget to congratulate the Grand Ayatollah Sistani and the historic Fatwa of Jihad and all heroes constituting the victorious forces.

This victory is to all Iraqis, and this operation was planned and performed and achieved by Iraqis. No one other than Iraqis have participated. Iraqis have fought on the ground and they have all the right to be proud in front of their people and the world. No non-Iraqi fought and sacrificed.

We thank all the countries that stood with Iraq against Daesh and supplied us with training, logistical support and air support to our fighting units on the ground.

Ahead of us is the mission of construction and stabilisation, and this requires unity. As we were united in fighting Daesh we need to unite to achieve stabilisation and the return of the displaced people.

Long live Iraq.

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